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Case Study: Nespresso… One Step Too Far?

4 Mar

How far should a company go to save its reputation? Is your answer different considering the assault was online? To help your thinking, here’s a story:

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Branded Entertainment: From Sponsors to Creators

25 Fév

“Never better served than by oneself.” Mark those words. They are the new mantra of branded entertainment.

From Sponsors

Businesses have long been sponsors of events they thought fitted their brand’s vision. But that made them entirely tributary to the other brand’s reputation and actions. Brand managers would rather have complete control over their brand’s reputation and its environment. And at Me, Myself and Internet, we’re all about managing e-reputation. Lire la suite

CRM: Business’ e-Reputation Management Tool

18 Fév

Online reputation management can be tricky for a brand. And with Google’s new policy, it can also be fatal. In an erawhere more and more people browse on Internet as part of their consumer decision journey, online reputation matters.

The easiest – not cheapest – way to manage a reputation online is to manage the customers offline. Lire la suite

5 Easy Steps to Good Online Presence

2 Fév

You now know you have to be online. You also know what not to do. But do you know how to be online efficiently?

Not yet? Read the following.

Step 1 – Field seeking

Being on social networks is a timely investment. Because it is so important and strategic, you need a plan. In other words, you need to know what you’re looking for on the Internet. A community? A job? Finding old friends? Professional connections? Most communities have a defined purpose: music lovers, professionals, friends, and so on. Knowing what you want will help you choose the right network. Maybe you want all of the above. Great! But make sure you separate the content you publish. As I said my previous post, not everything is online appropriate content. Lire la suite

Online Presence For Young Professionals: To Be Or Not To Be?

19 Jan

Young marketing or communication professionals NEED an online presence for two reasons. First, Social Media skills are in demand. Second, it is a great place to see and be seen. However, creating oneself a profile on a Social Media Network isn’t enough. Being online requires a strategy, an action plan. Everything you put in the cyber space is like words: once they’re out, you can get them back in. Lire la suite