Why and How to Monitor Social Medias

19 Mar


If your brand doesn’t own a Facebook or Twitter account; it doesn’t mean it is not active on Social Medias. Fans, customers, competitors and specialists are talking about you every day.

In order to manage your e-reputation, you need to know and understand what people are saying about you. This means to monitor not only journalist who have their articles posted online but also blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Monitoring the web will allow you to find out who is saying what, and where the conversation is happening so you can respond appropriately. To stay relevant, the answer needs to be on the same channel as the question. For example, if a client criticizes your service on Twitter don’t answer on your website. The most efficient way to handle the criticism is on Twitter!


A few simple steps and tools will help set up the monitoring routine. Because information is spreading incredibly fast over the web, it is important that Social Media monitoring becomes part of your morning daily routine.

Monitoring Social Media provides excellent tips to start.

Which tool?

When choosing your monitoring tools, keep in mind the kind of information you are looking for. Many free tools can fill the needs of a small business. For bigger ones, a fair amount of money could be invested monthly.

As Lauren Vargas from Radian 6 mentioned: « It is important to note that there is no single one magic tool. The tool or combination of tools (more likely) a company will choose should mesh with business culture and align with measurable business objectives.

There is an excellent wiki on Social Media monitoring tools here.

Jason Schubring from Six Revisions also provides a comprehensive review of 12 popular tools.

Adobe’s SocialAnalytics, available in Q3 this year, will be interesting to watch over the coming months. There is a tremendous amount of tools available on the market. It is now a matter of finding the right one(s) for your organisation.

Have you come across other tips or tools that could help monitor social media presence efficiently? Please share your knowledge below! Cheers!


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