Branded Entertainment: From Sponsors to Creators

25 Fév

“Never better served than by oneself.” Mark those words. They are the new mantra of branded entertainment.

From Sponsors

Businesses have long been sponsors of events they thought fitted their brand’s vision. But that made them entirely tributary to the other brand’s reputation and actions. Brand managers would rather have complete control over their brand’s reputation and its environment. And at Me, Myself and Internet, we’re all about managing e-reputation.

The changes in media and media technology – like audience fragmentation and live streaming television –  “have made it more important than ever for brands to invest in strategies to engage target consumers,” Patrick Quinn, chief executive at PQ Media, said in a statement, “through the power of emotional connections” like entertainment.

To Creators

Back in 1975, PQ Media started tracking the new concept: branded entertainment. Brands can now create their own events or games to entertain their public. And it is a very promising market for 2011 and beyond, especially in the United States where brands have large budgets to promote themselves.

As people watch less television and spend more time online, we are seeing more and more of original content created by or for specific brands. One of the best examples so far is the Red Bull Crashed Ice. An event entirely devoted to Red Bull and its values. Owning the event, as opposed to sponsoring it, makes it possible to control every little detail from the size of their logo to the other sponsors on site. The event’s ROI is way much better than regular advertisement or sponsorship. The following video explains why:

In Quebec, Zad Communications is one of the few independent agencies specialized in product integration and movie placement. From integrated to content to creating new concept for a specific brand, they’ve done it all!

Are you a fan of branded entertainment? What are your favorite examples?


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