CRM: Business’ e-Reputation Management Tool

18 Fév

Online reputation management can be tricky for a brand. And with Google’s new policy, it can also be fatal. In an erawhere more and more people browse on Internet as part of their consumer decision journey, online reputation matters.

The easiest – not cheapest – way to manage a reputation online is to manage the customers offline. The saying “A happy customer tells one friend, and unhappy customer tells everybody” is even more meaningful now that everybody is connected through Internet. Social Medias can hurt a business if customer satisfaction isn’t taken seriously. A happy blogging consumer tells literally thousands of people, which translates into thousands of potential consumers. On the other side, an unhappy customer blogging about his bad experience with your brand can translate into lost sales.

Telcos’ example

Bell and Videotron are perfect examples of customer satisfaction management’s importance. Back in the early 2000’s both companies had a bad reputation. What made the difference between Videotron’s success and Bell’s failure are 3 simple letters: CRM. Also known as customer relationship management, CRM helps increase customer satisfaction thus a business’ e-reputation.

It is now widely known that Videotron fixes problems rapidly and efficiently as opposed to Bell’s customer service’s nightmare. This mean that for equal value products, the way a brand treats its customers is extremely important. Collecting and centralizing all the information about each customer makes it possible to serve clients better.

Best practices include:

  1. Putting customers first and indentifying the best ones;
  2. Updating customer’s data by staying close to them;
  3. Categorizing customers;
  4. Paying attention to the little details;
  5. Communicating positively.

Great service generates happy clients. Happy customers share the good news therefore contributing to a better brand e-reputation. As easy as 1, 2, 3!


Une Réponse to “CRM: Business’ e-Reputation Management Tool”

  1. Isabelle 20 mars 2011 à 22:34 #

    Geoffrey Colon from AdAge as an excellent example: his post Proper Social CRM Reaffirms One Upset Consumer’s Faith in a Brand –>

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