5 Easy Steps to Good Online Presence

2 Fév

You now know you have to be online. You also know what not to do. But do you know how to be online efficiently?

Not yet? Read the following.

Step 1 – Field seeking

Being on social networks is a timely investment. Because it is so important and strategic, you need a plan. In other words, you need to know what you’re looking for on the Internet. A community? A job? Finding old friends? Professional connections? Most communities have a defined purpose: music lovers, professionals, friends, and so on. Knowing what you want will help you choose the right network. Maybe you want all of the above. Great! But make sure you separate the content you publish. As I said my previous post, not everything is online appropriate content.

Step 2 – Labor

When you know who you want to connect with, start slowly. Trying to do it all at the same time can feel overwhelming. You want to understand the purpose of a social network before expanding your presence all over the Web. If you already own a few profiles, why don’t you take the opportunity to update or complete one today? Having a profile picture with your name on all the platforms won’t do any good for you. Try instead to build your profiles one at the time.

Step 3 – Seeds planting

Once the information section of your profile is completed, start looking for contacts. If you are on LinkedIn, former colleagues or people you studied with are a good start. For Facebook users, the friendfinder app will scan through your e-mail contacts and automatically suggest people you could be friends with. As you go, add people you meet or connections you share with your other friends to increase the size of your network.

Step 4 – Farming

Providing relevant content is the key to your success. Social Media is a golden opportunity to show off what you know and share your experience with the community. Feel free to comment or share other people’s work too. If you stumble up on something of interest to you, chances are it might as well be interesting for the others in your network. Express yourself!

Step 5 – Harvesting

Generating traffic on your profile or blog will keep you top of mind in your network people’s head. If you work hard enough, you can expect some good outcome out of it… Why not a job offer or a recommendation of your work? Sky is the limit!


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