Social Medias: Appropriate For Any Kind of Information?

25 Jan

What are you saying?

Last week, Sylvain Gauthier, Vice-President at CROP, was telling us it’s easier to get information when asking questions over the Web. Most of my colleagues agreed: they would answer just about any poll question on Internet. Especially if the subject was a sensitive matter. That got me thinking: just how well do we manage our information display on Social Medias?

As I published in my profile, I was unwilling to use any Social Media at first. Then I realized I was missing out on all the activities because people were only sending invitations over Facebook. After almost a year of resistance, I gave in. But I’ve since been careful about what I publish as an update status. Like everybody else, I sometimes get angry or sad or bored in class. But should I publish every mood swing I have? My opinion is no.

Who are you saying it to?

I’ve worked for many clients – and with a lot of people – I didn’t always agree with but there is no need to wash the dirty laundry in public. You never know who you are talking to. Especially on the Social Media Networks. As Mitch Joel said, there are only six pixels of separation between each individual. A future employer could see your hateful tweet about a former boss or an update status about how much you hate your job. Not the best way to start an interview, is it?

Many bloggers have mentioned this before me: be careful about what you post on the Web. We’ve all heard about success and horror stories but they always seem too farfetched. Who would tweet about their love affair with their boss? Yet, some people did! And if I were to tell you not to do it, you’d said it’s obvious. But would you tweet about a fight with a co-worker? being unhappy at work? not liking to work with a specific client? wanting a contractual work to end? finding some regulations inappropriate?

What are you saying about yourself? Any TMI you regret? Or are glad you didn’t post? Share your experience with us so we can give you the advice you really want (or need)!


Une Réponse to “Social Medias: Appropriate For Any Kind of Information?”

  1. Pavla 26 janvier 2011 à 20:56 #

    I read Joel’s Six Pixels of Seperation and it gives many good insights about how to build and manage your personal reputation online. You are right, some people need to be careful about what they post because once it’s on the Internet, it’s stays there forever…

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