Online Presence For Young Professionals: To Be Or Not To Be?

19 Jan

Young marketing or communication professionals NEED an online presence for two reasons. First, Social Media skills are in demand. Second, it is a great place to see and be seen. However, creating oneself a profile on a Social Media Network isn’t enough. Being online requires a strategy, an action plan. Everything you put in the cyber space is like words: once they’re out, you can get them back in.


Last November, PRCoach published an article with 99 tips for Social Media activity as a PR professional.  More and more jobs require experience or knowledge of the Web 2.0. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn might not be your thing now BUT they will be part of a greater marketing and communication strategy sooner or later.

Many CEOs and board members are now over their fifties and aren’t really web-savvy. As Generation Y enters the work market, companies are hoping to find the help they were looking for. Thus, a great opportunity lies there. And believe me; you don’t want to miss out on it. Because we – Generation Y – were practically born with a computer our fingertips, we are expected to have some relevant knowledge about what revolves around Web 2.0.

This knowledge becomes a great point of differentiation compared to the older but more experienced professionals on the market. However, during a job interview, you cannot pretend to know about Social Media if you don’t even own an account on the major sites (I confess: I am just starting walking the talk). Your professional – and personal – reputation is affected by your online presence and so is your career.


Most of us don’t really enjoy looking for a job. We’d rather have the job find us. Well it is now a possible thing. How? By the people you know.

Used wisely, the numerous social networks now available can help you build a reputation and let others know what you can do for their company. As Michelle Blanc noted on her blog, it is relatively easy to use your network to find and recruit new talent. LinkedIn, amongst others, let’s past employers or coworkers recommend your work. References easily done!

Keep in mind that everything you say can and will be used against you.

‘’Sometimes in social media we forget that we need to employ restraint and invoke our inner monologue skills as much of what we think may not be safe, suitable, or strategic for public consumption.’’
Brian Solis

What got you the job in the first place might as well make you lose it. Think about it!


3 Réponses to “Online Presence For Young Professionals: To Be Or Not To Be?”

  1. Karine 22 janvier 2011 à 20:51 #

    Super texte Isabelle, les médias sociaux représentent l’avenir, il faut les utiliser!

    • Isabelle 25 janvier 2011 à 22:14 #

      Effectivement Karine! Mais pas n’importe comment. Pour un individu ou une entreprise, il faut une stratégie!

  2. liverpool4 25 janvier 2011 à 22:13 #

    La prudence sera toujours notre meilleur conseiller. Les paroles s’envole mais les écrits reste et c’est exactement pour cette raison que nous devons rester vigilant sur le web.

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